Friday, November 04, 2005

Made For AdSense - Opinions

Many people have an opinion about what a Made For AdSense site is.

My current stance: A site with any type of advertisements (not just AdSense - though AdSense may be the most prevalent) that fits the following criteria.

- No real content. Either autogenerated sentences or scraped (stolen) content.
- Lots of autogenerated pages with the same content but different keywords. The page names are keyword rich also.

- The content is human-generated, but sparse and paraphrased from other sources.
- The ads are made to look like content.

The borderline criteria is debatable, but ask yourself the following question when judging a site.

Is the content so terrible that visitors would rather click on an ad than to spend one more minute at the site?

I'm not talking about "terrible" content like political opinions you might disagree with or novelty sites with silly premises. I mean a content site about a particular subject that is so elementary or nonsensical that 99.9% of people would think it's useless. A site like that only has one purpose: Made For AdSense.


Hey Jean-Claude, normally I would consider that comment spam, but since I have read Eric Giguere's website (and since you're his father), I'll let it slide.

Some of his pages discuss Made For AdSense, such as What is an AdSense "content page"?

However, I still pose the question to everyone else. What do you think is a Made For AdSense site? Look over some of the sites I've reviewed here in my blog.


In response to a comment, I've removed the links to ImageShack for each screencap.