Saturday, November 26, 2005 - review
content [0-10]: 3
ad layout [0-10]: 5
Made For AdSense: No

Made For AdSense? Nah. The site predates AdSense. If anything I'd (jokingly) call it a "made for affiliate" site, since it's had Amazon affiliate ads longer than AdSense ads.

But I don't care about that. I'm interested in reviewing, because it's part of Chris Beasley's network of sites. He's a self-described successful and respected webmaster, so I figured I'd review one of his sites. has mostly static content. It doesn't need to be updated very often (if at all), because it's a series of short articles about fitness training (obviously). I'm not a fitness expert, so I'll give the site the benefit of the doubt that it's useful information. My criteria for the review is that the content is unique, or at least uniquely organized. I searched around for a phrase from the front page: "fitness problems such as obesity and overweight"

There are many results with that phrase, most importantly The President's Recommendations for Improving Physical Fitness. I'm going to have give the White House credit for this one. As for the rest of the fitness articles, I didn't research those, but will just assume they're not all that original.

For the ad layout, I would have rated it higher if it were just a matter of the AdSense and Amazon. However, it also includes pop-ups, and I hate pop-ups. If you're going to throw every imaginable type of ad at a visitor, I'm guessing you don't expect the visitors to stick around for long.

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