Monday, November 21, 2005

Digg Begging

Digg is a cool news aggregator site. People submit stories. People "digg" stories. People view popular stories on the front page. The problem arises when people try to game the system.

It starts with Digg Spamming, which is the process of repeatedly submitting one's own links.

That doesn't get a spammer too far, because not a lot of attention is paid to links off the front page. So enterprising submitters will take it to another level. I'll call it Digg Begging: the practice of asking others to digg a link.

digg me!

No, digg me!

Don't listen to them, digg all of us!

I can't really complain. Digg is a fine way to promote a site (even if some folks say it isn't great for generating revenue). The problem I have with Digg spamming/begging is right now it may only be almost-Made-For-AdSense site submissions, but down the line it could become overrun with real spammers.

My advice to Digg users? Utilize the "problem" report feature to weed out the bad links.