Sunday, October 16, 2005 - review
content [0-10]: 1
ad layout [0-10]: 2
Made For AdSense: Yes

This is a prime example of a Made For AdSense site, and toes the line of breaching the AdSense terms and conditions. It has no real content. The webmaster doesn't intend on getting any repeat visitors, because the idea is to get traffic from search engine results. How do they accomplish such a feat? I don't have the time or expertise to explain all the SEO tricks they might use, but a major factor are all the keyword-laden pages. They put a bunch of auto-generated pages with keywords in the page names, and fill the pages with junk text, links to relevant articles with a bit of scraped content, and links to other auto-generated pages. Oh, and of course advertisements!

The reason this site gets any points whatsoever in my content ranking is because someone actually put the effort to pretend like the site has content. It's obvious to anyone who looks at it that there is no content, but it's the thought that counts.

The ad layout is deceptive with cues such as "Select from the links below" which is right above an AdSense ad unit. They can play it off as legitimate by claiming that there really are links below - way at the bottom. Though I'm not sure how they can explain the statement "See the links at the top of this page" in the middle of the page, since the only links above are the ads. I gave it ranking of 2, because believe it or not, it could be even more deceiving.

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