Tuesday, October 18, 2005

problogger.net - review

content [0-10]: 9
ad layout [0-10]: 7
Made For AdSense: No

[Update: Much of this review goes against my new philosophy of not labeling sites with real content as Made For AdSense, but seeing as how I'd have to rewrite the whole thing, I'll just leave it.]

Just because a website is immensely popular, doesn't mean it's not a Made For AdSense site, which as I said in my introduction is any content-based site that wouldn't exist if not for the advertisements.

More likely than not Darren Rowse wouldn't be putting the effort into problogger.net if there were no advertisements. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because if done correctly, the ads are not only tolerable, but may be even considered useful. That's the idealistic goal of AdSense. That it somehow complements the content. For the most part, I agree with that, but I'm not here to justify AdSense's existence. I'm just trying to review problogger.net as a Made For AdSense site.

Although it's tough to define what a blog should be, I'm going to have to say that ProBlogger is it. If this review is sounding sycophantic, then I don't mean to be. A good blog should be a resource for topical information, and provide insight into that information. I think Darren accomplishes that in regards to info about blogging and making money with websites. He posts relevant links, and has the experience to add value with his own commentary. All of that adds up to a site that people will visit again.

Now that I've gotten the content aspect of the review out of the way, time to get critical with the ad layout. Not too critical, though, because there aren't any tricks implemented. The ads consist of AdSense and Chitika eMiniMalls. There is a link unit under the top menu, and a mix of ads near the blog entries. Sometimes the ads can crowd the content a bit, so that's why I took off a few points. Google encourages ads to be placed in hot spots, but like I keep saying, I'm not reviewing how effective the ads are at bringing in revenue, I'm commenting on what a user might think about the ads.

All in all, this is what a Made For AdSense site should be like.
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