Tuesday, October 25, 2005

cruiselinespot.com - review

content [0-10]: 2
ad layout [0-10]: 4
Made For AdSense: No

Supposedly this website was contracted to Dan Schulz, who is a get-rich-quick guru. This isn't a commentary on quick-money schemes, so I'm not going to dwell on who designed it, but rather just evaluate it for what it is: a useless Made For AdSense site.

I'm not saying the articles are useless, but they're not original. The content at cruiselinespot.com is syndicated. I found one article at EzineArticles.com, which is a popular free article repository.

Unoriginal content + Unoriginal presentation of the content = useless site

The only other thing that could be considered content are the latest news links, which are provided by Yahoo! News RSS. And since I think cruiselinespot.com is breaching Yahoo's terms by using the feed for commercial purposes, it definitely doesn't add any points to my score.

Content isn't the only problem I have with this site. The layout uses the same blending techniques that I've criticized in the past, although it's not so tricky that you can't tell where the ads are.

For the screen shot below, I decided to highlight the AdSense in yellow. The purpose of which is to point out how the ads overwhelm the content. The leaderboard uses a now common technique of placing pictures above the ad. The deception works most effectively when Google serves up four links in the unit.

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