Tuesday, October 18, 2005

cpmcal.com - review

content [0-10]: 4
ad layout [0-10]: 4
Made For AdSense: No

With only one page, cpmcal.com is easy to evaluate. The content is a collection of CPM advertising calculators, and they do what they promise, so I can't complain there. A nice bonus is there are brief explanations of the equation elements.

It seems I have kind things to say about this site, so why does it only get a rating of 4? The calculations are fairly straightforward, and there are variations of the tools all over the web. For example, Yahoo! and javascript.internet.com have similar calculators.

An ad layout rating of 4 is generous considering how overloaded the site is with advertisements. The webmaster must be counting on some errant clicks because of the close proximity of the ads. Yet, there's no camouflage, so at least end users aren't being deceived.

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