Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - review
content [0-10]: 3
ad layout [0-10]: 7*
Made For AdSense: No

Does this site have some legitimate information about car modifications? Maybe. Is it a useful site for car mod enthusiasts? Definitely not. Its real purpose is displaying ads, not providing information. If there were more than six content pages in the entire site, I might say otherwise.

The ad layout blending is something to marvel at. I know what to look for, and it made me question what's the ad and what're actual links. I'd hate to think how deceived a casual user would be. The layout consists of 3 page links, 1 AdSense ad unit, and 3 page links, all lined up vertically. What it ends up looking like is seven links to content. This illusion is helped because the links and the ad all have the same font, and all have pictures beside them. Of course there is an Ads by Google marker, but someone could easily be confused.

Update: This site changed its layout, but you can kind of tell how the ads used to blend in the scaled-down screenshot below. Old layout score: 1. New layout score: 7. The review itself is based on the old layout.

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